Imagining our Possibilities

We are a country of many cultures. It is how we see ourselves. It is how the world sees us.  And it is how we see the world.

The cultures of our different aboriginal peoples, of which there are hundreds across our country, and the cultures of all the people who have come to Canada from other parts of the world are our heritage. Recognizing and appreciating the nature, richness, and contribution of our multicultural heritage in shaping who we are as Canadians says a lot about who we are as Canadians to our world.

We cannot create a future by fixing things that don’t work. We need to create new ideas, new interests, and new ways of seeing and doing things. And we all need to be working together to create ideas that contribute to our ability to get along with one another, and which contribute to our ability to communicate with one another across our cultural and language differences so we can learn more from one another, learn more about ourselves, learn more about each other, and learn the art of creating with one another.

Our different cultures are our creative resources and our wealth in the creative age. And our arts are how we come to learn about and appreciate the contributions of our cultures.

We know this. So the question is, – what do we do? We are moving from a world built on the pursuit and celebration of money, power, and celebrity to a world that celebrates the pursuit of integrity, contribution and creativity. We have an opportunity to lead that change because of who we are and what we have to contribute.

We are a microcosm of the world. We have the ability to demonstrate how we can create a better world by learning about our different cultures, learning from our different cultures, and contributing to our different cultures in our country, and in our communities around the world. We can learn from our different ways of seeing things, thinking about things, and doing things. We can learn how to communicate with our cultures, how to contribute to our cultures, and how to explore our common experiences, interests, and ideas, and create together in the creative age.

We are in a unique position at an important time in the history of Canada and of the world.

We have the opportunity and ability to put Canada’s creative resources and creative contributions on the world’s stage.

We have the opportunity to become known as Creative Canada and to demonstrate how we can connect and communicate with one another to imagine, create, and learn the arts of creating a better world.

We have the opportunity and the ability to explore, learn, and connect our country in the arts of creating and accelerate the cultural, community, and human development of our world.

We have the opportunity to excite creative ideas, initiatives, and enterprise and create an environment and a way of doing things that contributes to the culture of Canada, – as we are, as we are known, and as we would like to be known, – and improve our ability to contribute to our world and to our heritage as Creative Canada.

Roger Chilton