Truth and Reconciliation is a Canadian problem. Reconciliation is defined as restoring to friendship or harmony and fairness. A problem is a question posed for discussion or solution, – an opportunity to explore, to learn, to create. Reconciliation is a creative interest. Art is a process.

Reconciliation is Canada’s opportunity to explore how we can move from the truth, to understanding, to acceptance, to appreciation, to caring, to contribution, to creating community, and to exploring creative possibilities for our future as a community. Reconciliation is an opportunity to demonstrate how we can create healthy, sustainable, and creative communities with one another and for one another as a community.

Reconciliation is a road on our creative journey to community. An opportunity for creative exploration. An opportunity for exploring our heritage, exploring our cultural evolution, and exploring our creative possibilities. An opportunity to learn how to create community. An opportunity to demonstrate how we can create community around our common interests as Canadians, as a country, and as a community.

We can learn from our creative evolution. We can learn from indigenous peoples how to create sustainable communities. We have the knowledge and technology to learn how to live in harmony with our natural world. We have a common understanding and appreciation of the idea of fairness and equity

The art of reconciliation, the art of creating community, is an opportunity for creative leadership that could be the most highly leveraged contribution Canada and Canadians can make to our common human interests.

Demonstrating how we can create community with understanding, appreciation, and caring for our creative resources could be our greatest contribution to our culture, to our country, to our world, and to our creative possibilities for the future.

The art of reconciliation is the art of creating community.

Roger Chilton
My Point of View

Reconciliation is the art. Art is a process. What comes next? Where are we now? Where are we going? What do we imagine we can create? What could we do? What can we do? What do we do next? Where do we begin our creative story?

Creating the story