Bob Baker – What We Can Do

From what I see and what I have learned from my experience I believe we are at the stage where there are huge new and exciting creative opportunities.

I can see that live streams and podcasts are the future of broadcasting. I am excited about the idea that we can broadcast live experiences to a global audience.

The Detroit Symphony and National Public Radio have clearly demonstrated the contribution of live streaming and podcasts to connecting people, growing audience and becoming sustainable.

Four years ago the Detroit Symphony Orchestra developed the vision to become the most accessible orchestra in the world. Some thought that live streaming would hurt ticket sales. Instead ticket sales and donations went up from 50% to 90% with their digital broadcasts creating new audiences with a hunger for creativity and the live concert experience.

National Public Radio, enduring massive government cutbacks, is on track to break even for the first time in six years. The demand for high quality creative digital talk radio, interviews, and storytelling podcasts is on the rise creating a new generation of audiences.

It is in our common interest as a creative community to excite interest in exploring the creative experience and to use live streams and podcasts, the future of broadcasting, as the catalyst. So this is what I am doing

What I am doing

I am producing high definition on-line broadcasts of live performances to excite interest in exploring the creative experience. I am using a production crew of 6-7 cameras, audio technician, switcher and creative director to bring the viewer more intimately into the experience. The idea is to focus on moving from providing an entertainment experience to providing a creative experience by bringing the creative community together to collaborate around creating live experiences to demonstrate the power of music to create connections and community.

We have the capability to produce and distribute high quality live stream broadcasts with high quality live stream content around the world with a small investment. This process once required the immense resources of billion dollar media and music corporations.

I am doing this to increase our appreciation for the contribution of music in creating connections and community, in exciting interest in exploring the creative experience, and in exciting creative conversation around ideas and opportunities to accelerate our creative and cultural evolution as a community. So what I see we can do is.

What we can do

Arts organizations and creative community enterprises contributing to our creative and common human interests have mission, mandate and value statements with something in common. Everyone has a common interest in becoming sustainable by creating connections, growing audiences, and attracting investment in our creative and cultural resources.

We can use live stream broadcasts and podcasts to move from our interest in entertainment experiences to exciting an appreciation for and interest in exploring the creative experience.

These live stream experiences directly connect the artists, their creative expression, and their creative contributions with a wider audience than we could imagine in the past.

We can use these broadcasts to develop a more direct, more powerful, and much wider relationship between musicians, their audiences and appreciators, and the communities they are connecting and creating with the experience of their art .

Artists can use these broadcasts to create connections with their stories, their ideas and their creative interests.

We can use these live stream experiences to develop communities of common interest around the power of music. These new communities of interest can then be leveraged with an entrepreneurial and creative energy.



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