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Documentary is a uniquely Canadian art form that blends passion, art, observation, humour and criticism. Documentary production thrives in a social, political and cultural environment that promotes independent voices and stories; fosters creativity, debate, social action and education; and values the tradition of excellence in Canadian documentary while advancing the evolution of the genre.

Canada has a rich history of documentary filmmaking. Independent documentaries are an essential component of Canadian culture. Documentaries favour the expression of diverse perspectives and viewpoints on social, political and cultural realities, and promote reflection and debate. Investing in documentary strengthens our Canadian culture and our national economy.

Documentaries should be easily accessible on TV, the Internet and mobiles. We believe that all broadcasters, big or small, public or private, should include Canadian documentary as part of a diverse programming offer.

The Documentary Organization of Canada is the voice of Canada’s independent documentary creators advocating on behalf of current and future generations of Canadian documentary makers.

Documentary Organization of Canada

Hot Docs Film Festival

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America’s largest documentary festival, conference and market. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of approximately 200 cutting-edge documentaries from Canada and around the globe.

Hot Docs is a national, charitable organization dedicated to showcasing and supporting the work of Canadian and international documentary filmmakers, advancing and celebrating the art of documentary, and promoting excellence in documentary production.

Hot Docs was founded in 1993 by the Documentary Organization of Canada, a national association of independent documentary filmmakers.

Hot Docs Film Festival

Point of View Magazine

Point of View Magazine is Canada’s premiere magazine about documentary culture. POV was founded by the Documentary Organization of Canada in 1990 and now exists as an independent quarterly full-colour print magazine with an established and engaged online presence.

POV Magazine delivers smart, thoughtful and critically engaged coverage of documentary films and photographs and the artists that make them to an expanding audience. As the world of documentary media evolves so does POV, endlessly curious about the ways documentaries provide perspective and context in an increasingly frantic world. POV reaches a targeted niche of Canadian independent film and television producers, directors, and film enthusiasts.

Point of View Magazine

Canadian Film Centre

Founded by iconic and award-winning Canadian filmmaker Norman Jewison as a film school in 1988, the Canadian Film Centre has become a significant economic and cultural driver in Canada as a hub for ideas and innovation within the global entertainment industry investing in the next generation of world-class Canadian content creators and entrepreneurs in screen-based entertainment.

The Centre delivers multi-disciplinary programs and initiatives in film, television, music, screen acting, and digital media, and excites industry collaborations, strategic partnerships, and business and marketplace opportunities for talent and participants.

With more than 1,600 alumni and more than 100 alumni partner companies, we promote and invest in more than a dozen original projects each year to encourage commercial opportunities and build collaborative relationships between our alumni and media companies to create and produce popular, award-winning entertainment enjoyed by audiences around the world.

Canadian Film Centre
Canadian Film Centre Programs