Building Caring Communities

Let’s talk about The Society We Want

The Society We Want is a new, nationwide public dialogue process in which Canadians can meet in small discussion groups to think and talk about issues that will shape the future of our country.

As a society, Canadians are rethinking our social policy and restructuring our social programs. In this period of shared fiscal concern, we all face hard choices about our priorities. As citizens, we all play an important role in shaping them. Talking about The Society We Want is an important step in nation-building.

The discussion groups are open to anyone and everyone who believes in identifying shared values, and in seeing those values reflected in our social policy and programs.


Why are we here?
Why talk?
Why us?

What is the issue?
How shall we talk about it?
What does it mean to each of you?

What are some of our choices?
What are some of the arguments for and against?
What are the values behind the choices?
What do we think?

What are our benchmarks?
Do we share one key value?
Do we agree or disagree?
Who are we as a group?

What might we do as a group?
What might we do as individuals?

Issues for Conversation

What kind of life do we want to ensure for Canadian children?
Everyone wants to work. Are our income support and job creation programs useful and affordable?
What kind of health system do we want in our society?
What kind of security do we want our society to provide?
What kind of government do we want?

Let’s talk about The Society We Want: Building Caring Communities – PDF

Let’s talk about The Society We Want: Leading Caring Communities – PDF

What can we do?

Creative connections

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