Collaborating in the ultra-connected digital age

Arts and culture are an essential part of our belonging – to a community, country, society, and to humanity itself. On a personal level, art can reach the loneliest and most lost among us. It can soothe in times of grief, help us find our voice, or show us previously unimagined horizons. Art is how we come together to celebrate and share experiences that free us from the confines of everyday life. It plunges us into imaginative worlds that extend, complement and change our lives.

Artists offer us their creative visions, expressions of hope, challenges to our assumptions and critiques of the status quo. They play an essential role in addressing and helping us to understand the complex challenges of our times. From welcoming refugees to calling for action on climate change, they engage, inspire and stimulate new thinking that can lead to action.

Canada Council for the Arts
Strategic Plan 2016 – PDF

There’s a great appetite for exchange between our countries. We share the same challenges and hopes for the future of the arts in our increasingly global world. That’s why the Canada Council for the Arts has made it a priority to do more to support projects and initiatives that build collaboration between the artists and arts organizations of Canada and the Asia Pacific Region.

It goes without saying that in this ultra-connected digital age, it would be impossible to extend our global reach without addressing the very real issue of technology. It is why we’ve made digital one of our other key commitments. Last spring we organized a summit to bring together leaders in the arts world and the digital world to accelerate and build momentum for a conversation that we want to foster through a special digital fund.

Simon Brault
Funding the Arts in a Digital Age:A Canadian Approach
Hong Kong International Arts Leadership Round Table, 2017.11.29 – PDF