Canada is too big to think small

The time for transformational infrastructure is now. So join us because Canada is too big to think small.

What transformational infrastructure idea do you think could move Canada forward? Let your voice be heard

Our country was built on 150 years of infrastructure. And now we need to build for a future that looks different from our past. Through the Caninfra Ideas Contest, we crowd sourced daring transformational ideas from coast to coast. Now it’s your turn to learn about the Top-20 semifinalists and decide which idea could fundamentally change the way we live, prosper, and move Canada forward as a nation.

Caninfra Challenge
Public voting closes April 7, 2018

Globe and Mail

“What did it take to build on Canada’s potential? Imagine, nearly ten million square kilometers looking out on three different oceans. Canada’s first leaders imagined it and they weren’t intimidated. They were motivated. Motivated to build a national infrastructure from scratch. Motivated to think not about the next quarter but about the next century. Motivated to connect Canada to the promise of its future. To connect it by rail. To connect it by road. To connect it by air. To connect it by water. To connect it with energy. To connect it by voice.

Here in the twenty-first century we need to connect to out potential in new ways because it is clear, Canada’s future will be very different from its past. Today, our challenges are economic. They are environmental. They are societal. Through a re-imagined infrastructure we can meet those challenges head on by recognizing brilliant ideas no matter where they come from and by embracing possibility instead of fearing risk. In return, we will have a nation that is ready for its growing urban populations. A nation that uses technology to change things for the better. A nation that respects and includes all its peoples. A nation whose most valuable natural resource will soon be brain power.”

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Caninfra Challenge
Driving a National Infrastructure Conversation

The CanInfra Challenge is a private sector led initiative aiming to move Canada forward by

  • Promoting a national conversation on infrastructure idea
  • Surfacing transformational infrastructure ideas for Canada search
  • Identifying and discussing the issues and enablers we need to tackle network
  • Building a more connected infrastructure community

The Caninfra Summit and Ideas Contest