A Blueprint for Canadian Leadership

Our vision for Canada

We believe in Canada. We believe in our country as a bastion of hope and freedom in an unpredictable and often dangerous world. We believe in the creative potential of every Canadian and in the right of each person to an equal opportunity to make the most of his or her talents. We believe that our open and diverse society offers us a critical advantage in shaping a future of prosperity for our nation within a world of change.

As business leaders, we are no more entitled than any other Canadian to criticize our nation’s path, but neither can we shirk our responsibility to stand up and be counted when we see our country missing vital opportunities. The contest of ideas is the central strength of a vibrant democracy.

A blueprint for Canadian Leadership

  • Making the most of a world of change
  • The critical role of good governance
  • The need for a creative economy
  • The foundations of a creative economy
  • Ten solid steps toward a creative economy
  • Five creative steps to consider
  • From ideas to action

from Bronze to Gold: A Blueprint for Canadian Leadership in a Changing World
Canadian Council of Chief Executives
February 21, 2006 – PDF

Business Council of Canada

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives, composed of the CEOs and entrepreneurs of 150 leading Canadian companies, is entering its fifth decade with a new Chair and a new name.

The Business Council of Canada is an association representing business leaders in every region and sector of the country. The Council’s 150 member companies employ 1.4 million Canadians, account for more than half the value of the Toronto Stock Exchange, contribute the largest share of federal corporate taxes, and are responsible for most of Canada’s exports, corporate philanthropy, and private-sector investments in research and development.

Through supply chain partnerships, service contracts and mentoring programs, Business Council members support many hundreds of thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs in communities of all sizes, in every part of Canada.

Innovation is quite simply the cornerstone to competitiveness and prosperity in any industry. I hope to see Canada continue to support innovation and broaden that commitment. Let’s make Canada the most innovative country in the world – a hub of technology, skill and ingenuity.

Linda Hasenfratz
Chair, Business Council of Canada
January 28, 2016

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