Canadian International Council

The Canadian International Council is a platform for citizens to engage in discussions on international issues. Our mission is to involve Canadians in defining our country’s place in the world.

What makes the Canadian International Council unique is our network of 15 branches across seven provinces. This gives us a presence, in local communities, that is unparalleled in Canadian global affairs.

Thanks to this presence, Canadians from all walks of life, all ages, political opinions, and professions can discuss and learn about international affairs and contribute their views. In reflecting on the ideas and interests of a broad constituency of Canadians, the Canadian International Council demonstrates that our country’s foreign policy is not an esoteric concern of experts but benefits from direct citizen involvement.

As thousands of people join in an ongoing series of events and online discussions, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The result is a national conversation on our country’s role in the world.

An independent, non-partisan membership organization and think tank, the Canadian International Council seeks to nurture awareness and understanding of critical international affairs challenges and to advance constructive discourse and debate on how to address them. The Canadian International Council owes no allegiance to any government or political party and does not take institutional positions on policy issues. The council provides an open forum where a diversity of viewpoints can be expressed.

The Canadian International Council believes that efforts to foster greater awareness and understanding of the world in Canada will amplify Canada’s voice and influence on the global stage.

Canadian International Council